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Construction flexibility is the main guarantee of high standard delivery.

The power of Virtual Reality

  • 1.

    Stop project delays and cost overruns.

  • 2.

    Streamline the construction process.

  • 3.

    Manage all site activities and communicate with the team.

What can you do with SiteVT?

Make Virtual Site Tour

  • SiteVT is a digital platform that supports 360 view which helps the engineers to navigate from one area to another and make virtual site tour.

  • Interactive floor plans and 360 degree panoramic visuals to track the construction progress with no effort. The photos can be clicked and dragged around to view different angles similar to the real site visit.

Track the Construction History

  • View the construction status in different dates.

  • Compare the progress between different points of time.

  • Easy to go back on time to see what was the case before closing the ceiling and final finishing.

  • No guessing to know what is hidden behind the wall because the history recorded visually step by step on SiteVT platform.

Share Quality Control Notes

  • Site issues and quality control notes can be shared and published online.

  • Communicate directly to the responsible person who receives an automatic notification.

  • Simply label the location and add notes. The issue will be shared with the concerned engineers to take action.

Innovative Documentation Solutions

  • SiteVT is flexible to be integrated with any other site management software to reorganize the project documentation.

  • Easy access to the project documents without wasting time searching the traditional log.

  • Innovative solutions help bring all information to site engineers with no effort.